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Coach, Trainer, Creator:

My name is Bob Theuring. I listen. I coach. I lead. I train. I consult. I help. I formed Tandem Innovations because I desired to be a business owner and I wanted to help people with the gifts God bestowed upon me. Every day people teach me and train me to become a better coach. I often see things in others that they, themselves, do not even see. That's how those who have coached and those who currently coach me provide the greatest benefit. Each person or group that I am privileged to serve gets my attention and gets all I can offer. Thank you for stopping by and visiting the website.

-Bob Theuring



My Two Bios:


  • Business Coach since 2014

  • Certified Canfield Trainer (The Success Principles)

  • Microsoft Certified Professional (x3)

  • BNI Member, Certified Member Success Trainer

  • Avid Bowler, having thrown multiple 300 games

  • Business owner for over 18 years

  • The Sales Counselor training

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Can Solve the Rubik's Cube

  • Makes a mean batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies (actually my Mom's recipe)

  • Hosted Radio Show

  • Hosted and Designed Podcasts

  • Speaker, Writer, Reader, Trainer, Creator

  • Able to drive a manual transmission car

  • Trained veterans on computer skills


  • Failed at Business a few times

  • Over-thinker

  • Struggle taking notes

  • Diagnosed AD/HD and struggle with focus

  • Left handed (has advantages and disadvantages)

  • Wanna-be singer and Musician (My brother has all the musical talent in the family)

  • Wide Range of Interests

  • Allergic to most cats

  • Loves going to yard sales, estate sales

  • Impulsive and impatient at times

  • Failed marriage

  • Average at golf and tennis

  • Catholic Christian striving to know, love and serve God

My Interests-Hobbies-Passions (no particular order):

Golf, Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, Cincinnati Reds and Bengals, Food/Dining Out, Reading, Teaching, Coaching, Studying Scripture, The Ocean, Traveling, Food (I know....), Cooking/Baking, Seafood (I know..), Technology Gadgets, Painting and Drawing

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